SOFA Expo, Chicago, Illinois - K. Allen Gallery

SOFA Expo, Chicago, Illinois - K. Allen Gallery





Darlys Ewoldt was born and raised in rural Iowa. She earned  a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from Drake University and a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Indiana University.  During the ensuing years, Ewoldt has lived and worked in Chicago, Illinois.  Her work has been included in numerous exhibitions and collections, and she has been the recipient of multiple grants and awards.  Darlys Ewoldt teaches workshops and classes on metalsmithing, design, and patination techniques both nationally and internationally.  



Fragments of memories, words that resonate and stay within my mind, converge with observations of the physical world during the course of my creative process.  I enjoy the visual experience of diverse landscapes and the transitions of the seasons.  These inspirations all speak in different voices and in varying degrees of magnitude in my work.



During my career, metals including copper, brass, silver, steel, and bronze have been my chosen materials. Metalsmithing techniques including angle raising, forging, synclastic and anti-clastic forming are combined with various methods of fabrication.  Surface colorations are achieved with the application of chemicals, dyes, and mica powders.